Estella's Nightmare: Sealed Space and a Succubus's Curse poster
Updated 2021-11-01
Developer Gorogoro Games
Language jap chi

Estella's Nightmare: Sealed Space and a Succubus's Curse

* This is an action games that contains a special turn based system.
This is our first game.
Bandits, animals, monsters... Find a way home in this dangerous, cursed space.
If lost in battle, Estella can level up using the "Succubus Power" gained during sex.

* Story
Estella, a cat ear girl wandering alone in the cursed forest, looking for herbs to cure her father's illness.
She accidentally activated a mysterious crystal, which teleported her into a cursed space sealed by magic barriers.
After the teleportation, Estella met a woman, who calls herself "Succubus."

Will she go home safely?
Will she be captured by monsters, and raped until she breaks?
Or will she ????? by gathering too much "Succubus Power"?
Estella's fate is up to you.

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