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Updated 2021-09-14
Developer FUJIFUDA
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Erokko Monsters


18-year-old hero of the youth(hero), sunny and graduated from the Academy as an erotic daughter use、
I chose the first erotic daughter to become an erotic daughter use of 1 person, and it was a place to go on a journey....
However, the hero encounters excessive bullying of 3 classmates of the same academy、
It was released into the field in a state without monsters....what is the fate of the main character...?

[Notes before play]------------------------------------------

This work is set to increase the difficulty compared to the previous work there is no such as easy mode at all.
Because other users are also desperate.we tried and tested it against a strong enemy that stood up.
Sometimes I work hard to train in the grass, and I know which combination is effective against a strong enemy
Think, if it is necessary to capture the erotic daughter we have to the real pleasure.
We also have your own thoughts and opinions about some of the story content
There is a part to have you.Since it is a doujin game, there is no wiki nor answer.
Depending on the person (organization)who played, the formidable enemy is also different and what I felt in the story should be different.
But that is your answer and the answer to this story.
I think that it would be good if I could enjoy the taste of the good old game age.
In addition, we can not respond, such as monsters that were put out by such bug techniques.

- The main character does not speak
(There is text only in the H scene.)

I made it with such a thought that I want to dedicate it to adults who were all children.

【Description of the work】------------------------------------------

Genre: Turn-based Training RPG

Number of players: 1

Hit the ball on the wild erotic daughter caught and raised to raise the level、
It is a simple and easy-to-understand RPG that challenges the summit decisive battle, Shitenno League where eroticism daughter usage of the veteran gather.

if you catch a monster girl (here, an erotic girl), you can give her a nickname.、
You can learn your favorite technique, think about the organization that is compatible, and assemble the strongest party、
Make your own original party!!

In addition, erotic daughter will demonstrate true power by performing a ritual called baptism(etch)!!

[recorded H illustration]

- Basic HCG number of 32 sheets (standing picture is not included)

- Screen shot is possible in camera mode.
- Right click window erase function+ctrl message skip function.
- Shitenno enhancement after clearing, take over the 2nd lap play function...etc.
- Auto battle mode, speed up the battle by long press the decision key

【Time required】

-6 ~ 8 hours (there is no easy mode etc.)


- The production tool is"RPG Maker MV".
 Please check the operating environment of the author's previous trial version and Tsukur MV for operation confirmation.
- Please take a backup of external data, etc.
- If you use a high performance monitor of 60hz or higher, such as a gaming monitor、
There was a report that it would not start normally if the refresh rate was not returned to 60hz.
If you have a high-performance monitor, please check the refresh rate when you start it.
(Common made by Tsukur MV)

- Can not start the product version even though there is an operating environment
I get an error message saying"game has stopped working" and I can not start it.
In this case, copy the game body in the folder to that it can be started by renaming to exe etc.
We have a wide range of products and services to meet your specific needs.Please try it by all means.

[Bug report is here]

We plan to publish an article that summarizes bug information in all users.
Please use it!!

Bug operation defect correspondence page ー
( )

【Artist Information】

We will deliver the latest information such as notice and announcement of the next work.
I will be careful about small things and try to connect them to the next one.

to create a better work, always thinking about what to do、
i will move forward!

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Illustration:Erufu Fujiki Twitter ( )


Made in RPG TKool MV

* For those using monitors with higher than 60hz refresh rate,
the game may not function properly unless it's set to 60hz.

Bug Reports:

Creator / Illustrations: Fujiki Elf

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