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Updated 2020-07-10
Developer Soft Circle Courreges
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2.25 (428)

EnTomo ~Spoil Us Together, Papa~

A 1280x720 resolution Hi-def 2D fully animated ADV.
X-rays can be turned on/off.
Gallery modes available after completion!

Yuuri took up compensated dating thanks to her broken family life.
She had no father and didn't want to go back home to her mother.
One day she was contacted by a certain client who offered her
a place to live, and so she headed to his hotel room...

Mai, on the other hand, left home on a whim.
Trapped on unfamiliar streets and harassed by strange men,
it was Yuuri who finally saved her.
Thinking she'd found a friend, she got in touch with her client.

That's when Mai has her first compensated dating experience...
and a plan is formed to get back at her (Mai's) father...


Yuuri Satsugawa (CV: Touka Karin)
Her mother is a party girl who's been with so many men she that
Yuuri doesn't know who her real dad could be. Left home because
she was tired of her careless mother bringing home arrogant men.

Mai Shizuya (CV: Himari)
A girl with a strict father who never stops hounding her.
With no friends at school, only academic rivals,
she fled her home of her own accord and left her life behind.

EnTomo ~Spoil Us Together, Papa~ screenshotEnTomo ~Spoil Us Together, Papa~ screenshotEnTomo ~Spoil Us Together, Papa~ screenshot

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