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Updated 2021-11-13
Developer Elithheart




Emblem Crossroad

The action will be a belt-scrolling game.
You can improve your skills by defeating enemies and getting crystals.
You can grow your own line as you like.

※ It is also equipped with tricks for those who are not good at action.

[Animation 】

The defeat scene moves slimy at 24 frames per second.
The level of the animator is higher than the previous work、
Not only the shaking of the tits, but also the voluptuous shaking of the buttocks and belly was expressed.

In addition, in this work, we have recorded all 24 kinds of erotic motion of action characters at the time of battle!
It uses nearly 1000 anime patterns(middle split)even in erotic motion alone、
The erotic anime at the time of defeat also uses nearly 400 anime patterns.



One day, a strange emblem appears on elf girl Laine's stomach.
It seems the Northern Empire ruled by humans has cursed the World Tree.
Clearly, the humans have been corrupted by evil, and it's up to Laine,
the guardian of the World Tree, to put an end to the curse.
And so she sets out alone on a journey to the human empire..


Name: Laine
Species: Elf
Body: So busty her breasts sway when she moves
History: A pure protector of the World Tree. An active combatant, and skilled with knives.

[H Scenes]

Laine's ecchi scenes, and action scenes are animated.
Enjoy the smooth movements of her voluptuous body.

Action scenes include:
1) Armor break
→ Enemy attack & rape
→ Creampie if you don't escape
→ Enemies join in for a gangbang

Event scenes feature a large illustration with animation.
The violation is intense!

There are also animations during the action depending on Laine's status.
Ero is at the heart of this game through and through.


A side-scrolling action game.
Defeat enemies, and acquire crystal to power up your skills.
Customize Laine to your liking

* Cheats included for those who have trouble with action games.

Defeat scenes feature silky smooth 24 FPS animations!
Enjoy the sweet depictions of Laine's breasts, ass, and stomach swaying as she gets pounded.

24 ero animations are included for combat this time around!
Almost 1000 ero animation patterns are include in total, with almost 400 ero animation patterns for defeat.

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