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Updated 2020-05-18
Developer Uzura Studio
Download via k2s.cc
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2.07 (440)

Elf Training

This is a game about feeling up a captured elf.

Use your left mouse button to rub, pinch, and lick her all over.
The middle mouse button is for zooming.
The right mouse button sets the zoom location.

[Training methods]
Gather points by feeling up her gentiles, breasts, etc, and use points to unlock
the ability to use vibrators, anal beads, tongue, finger, and more!
See if you can train her to sexual release level 10...
Includes 7 training positions.

* Includes a magic circle mini-game, where you point gain is increased as it moves to the right,
but if you don't destroy it in time with clicks, the elf's sexual release level bar will go back to 0.

* Also includes penetration mode with cross-sections. Enjoy from different angles!

* The story advances as her sexual release increases, with animation for each part.

DirectX11 is required.

Elf Training screenshotElf Training screenshotElf Training screenshotElf Training screenshotElf Training screenshot

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