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Dragon Mahjongg Darkness II

Another new installment in the Dragon Q*est strip mahjong RPG series!

Your choices may lead the heroines to corruption and punishment...but they might end up punishing you too!?
Try out the sample; the save data can be transferred to the full game!

The player takes control of a monster trainer journeying the land they've been summoned to.
All battles unfold via mahjong, and victory gives you ultimate authority over the loser.
Scout monsters, defeat with with your dastardly skills, and bring them to your side!
Defeat women, and their bodies are yours for sexual plunder!

Of course, there are crafting, enhancing, etc. features to aid you in the mahjong matches.
The popular orb and monster badge features are back as well!

This game is a continuation of "Dragon Mahjongg", but both games are written to be standalone,
and all the games have tutorials to to get you off on the right foot,
so don't worry if you're not up to speed with the series!

You might also choose the game based on your favorite character from the inspired series:

"Dragon Mahjongg Darkness" --> Mainly characters from 1,2,4,5,6,7
"Dragon Mahjongg Darkness II" --> Mainly characters from 3,8,9,10,11 and The Adventure of D*i

So go on, beat those girls in mahjong and make them moan! (The hero may also moan.)
Clear the game to start a new one even stronger and keep unlocking scenes and CGs you may have missed!

54 base CG
66 characters
529 monsters
Reminiscence & Gallery modes included
All fully voiced
Features a super-powered New Game +.

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