Dokidoki Memories - NPC Sex in a Romance Game poster
Updated 2021-02-26
Developer TorigaraTonkotsu

Dokidoki Memories - NPC Sex in a Romance Game

In the world of a romance sim, violate the NPCs and heroine
in a way completely unrelated to the story.

Includes a usual romance game happy ending with the heroine.

A move to a new town. A fated meeting between a boy and a girl.
More than friends, but not quite lovers...
But forget about that, and go ahead and have your way with the characters...

Your little sister coming to love her brother
Your mother driven mad by sinful lusts
Pregnancy revelations
The purehearted heroine turned into a shameless slut

There is still a happy ending to aim for with the heroine, so try getting around to
that at least once...

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