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Updated 2021-04-12
Developer Vincent
Rip by mikocon


Rip by s-hentai

Dash IN Akiba

The weekend. Normal girls might be out shopping, or eating lunch.
But she's different.
She shows up to Akihabara in mid-day wearing nothing but a r*ndsel on her back.

Her cheeks red, her breathing heavy.
Yes. She is a perverted masochist.

Without a word, camera nerds assemble before herm and she confidently poses for them.
And it seems my position is that of her manager...

"How embarrassing..."

That's supposed to be my line.
Once again, me and this perverted kohai are dodging the cops
as we go about town letting her show off her naked body.


Click the girl's body to raise her affection. Scenes will progress after it reaches a certain level.
If the police find you, press the designated key (Z, X, or C) quickly.
See if you can make it to the end!

- Outdoor exhibition game for Windows
- Fully voiced girl
- 33 CG cuts (including variations)
- 1366x768 resolution

Circle: Vincent

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