Cucked After 30 Days? Childhood Friend poster
Updated 2021-04-05
Developer shikuro
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

Cucked After 30 Days? Childhood Friend

Shuu Yamada is a regular high school student.
But he wants to make the most of his youth!
With that in mind, he sets to getting a girlfriend over summer vacation.
His plan: to confess his love for childhood friend Mana...

Shuu Yamada
An average high school boy.

Mana Umino
Shuu's childhood friend. Skilled at swimming, but not so much at studying.

Youta Kuuki
A loner that just moved into the neighborhood. It's rumored he's turned many a girl into total sluts...

1 day is split up into 4 parts: morning, afternoon, evening, and night.
During morning, afternoon, and evening, you'll have plenty of chances to raise Mana's affection.
Try to raise her affection enough to get a happy ending within 30 days.
Contains a social media function for watching videos, or looking at images posted by others.

300+ CG total. including ero/non-ero CG.
9 recorded sex videos included
6 NTR ero events included

Made in RPG TKool VX Ace
RTP is included, so there is no need to download it separately.
In the NTR genre of "I liked her first..."

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