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Updated 2021-08-01
Developer Crimson

Crimson SMASH

In celebration of 20 years of Crimson's products.
We introduce a new kind of tactical battle game.
Use popular characters from Crimson to defeat bosses!

- Aim for enemies and SMASH!
- Widen your position and SMASH!
- Aim for combo's and SMASH!
- Increase your position & damage by hitting characters
- Strategically place characters to create combos
- Simple controls of aim, pull, and hit
A simple but deep tactical battle game

An omniverse style story featuring 4 popular Crimson characters in 4 stories.

* Nozomi Sakura, a girl with a spiritual sense.
* Tomoka Yuri, a freelance newscaster.
* Saki Nanase, leader of the detective agency Crimson Girl.
* Kaguya Kawasumi, the exorcist.

CV: Hibiki Otsuki / Anzu Hoshi / Chiyuki Sato

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