CradleEpic - The Ancient Relic poster
Updated 2021-05-03
Developer Naglfar
Rip by mikocon

CradleEpic - The Ancient Relic

A group of female soldiers searching a ruin get ambushed, and captured.
One of the heroines is able to escape, and must battle to save the rest.

As the location is the ruins of advanced civilization,
tons of high-tech equipment and objects are scattered throughout.
By equipping the mechanical equipment, your pose art, skills, and statuses change,
allowing you to adjust to the situation at hand.

Tons of machine sex traps await the heroine. She'll need to watch her step.
There are 3 methods of escaping traps; use an unlocker, special armor,
or physically breaking it. They each have different success rates.

Failure will cause the trap's bondage to strengthen, and you'll enter into a special ero combat.
If you're victorious, you can escape.

* RPG genre
* for PC
* Japanese language

[Materials Used]
- Image materials

Production: Naglfar
Mail: [email protected]

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