Cosmic Abduction poster
Updated 2021-06-23
Developer Scratch

Cosmic Abduction

Heroine Natsuki is suddenly abducted by mysterious aliens, and taken to a far-away planet.
If she has any hope of getting back to Earth, she'll need to explore this strange city full of alien races.

A 2D ero action RPG complete with mini-games, dress-up, and character-building elements!

- Featuring fully-voiced female characters, and fully-animated H scenes (with cross-sections)!
- Full-screen, character voices and cross-sections an all be toggled.
- Contains lots of events and H scenes for the various female characters in the town
The more you explore, the more H there is top be found!?

Bunny hostess, pole dancing, prostitution, gangbang, naked roaming, futanari, sleep sex,
and more H situations!

Kotoza -
Momoyo Akiba -
Ao Inukai -
Chiroru Oyama -
Rio Kisaka -
Aruha Kotone -
Poplar Sawano -
Yuzuha Nagase -
Tatsuya Nakashima -


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