Consort Elaine ~My Beloved Must Bed the King for the Sake of the World~ poster
Updated 2021-08-07
Developer MAZE
Rip by mikocon


Consort Elaine ~My Beloved Must Bed the King for the Sake of the World~

- Synopsis
 ado and Elaine end their big fight and are about to get married.
 They will one day receive the summons of the king
 The king says that the mighty spirit king that they were supposed to have sealed is reviving.
 And to defeat the spirit king, to make the future hero、
 elaine is offered to have a child with the king.…

 ado and elaine sneak out of the palace to avoid having a child
 You will be heading to destroy the spirit king.
 The AD will consume MP while performing events and battles.
 When the MP is gone, the day passes back to the inn、
 If a certain number of days pass as it is, Elaine and the King's event will proceed
 elaine is also a couple of times deceiving the act, but if it's been a long time…

 - Elaine.
  The magician who once sealed the spirit king
  i'm looking forward to my wedding with ado.
  the king asked for help.…
 - Ado.
  A lover who fought alongside Elaine and nurtured love
  I feel a great indebtedness to the king, and I am conflicted with the child making this time

 - Mail king.
  one of the most powerful kings on the continent.
  Follow the prophet and try to have a child with Elaine
  ado and elaine have been friends for a long time.

 - Bray.
  Brother of the King
  However, there is nothing like being involved in the office, and I am indulging in playing from the usual
  Elaine is known for being a misogynist, and she hates him. 

- Basic CG number 30 sheets


A magician that once aided in sealing the spirit lord.
She's looking forward to marrying Ado, but the king suddenly requires her assistance

Elaine's lover, who is conflicted by their respect for the king, and the audacity of the king's request...

The king's brother, who has shirked his royal duties in favor of playing around.
Infamous for his lust for women. Elaine in particular catches his eye...

- 30 base CG

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