Updated 2020-06-24
Developer Ulimworks
Size 3gb
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Ripped by: s-hentai
Size 2gb
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A third person shooter with an exhilarating shooting system, smooth movement, and high-quality models.

Contains souls-like exploration where you can collect points,
which can be used to purchase CG, costumes, mini-games etc. in the store.

- 6 costumes
- 18 CG stills with graviure, undressing, etc.
- 2 mini-games

- The action part can be played with a gamepad (such as an Xbox controller)

--Play Tips--
・Press the middle click button while aiming to shoot a grenade. (Caution for short-distance damage) (Wall floor detonation recommended)
・While aiming, you can use the shift button to increase the moving speed. For gamepads, it is recommended that you keep the sprint lock and keep running.
・During a jump from a dash, aim does not slow down, so it is an effective way to shoot when you are chased.

CODE:VALKYRIE screenshotCODE:VALKYRIE screenshotCODE:VALKYRIE screenshotCODE:VALKYRIE screenshotCODE:VALKYRIE screenshot

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