Charlotte's Trip-魔術師見習いシャルのコスプレセクハラ道中- poster
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Updated 2020-07-20
Developer 近江小庵
Total size 528mb
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Charlotte's Trip-魔術師見習いシャルのコスプレセクハラ道中-

ver1. 10 update new HCG4 sheets, 4 scenes added

■The Ver of the current production version is 1.10

■ Basic information
Genre: cosplay Quebec RPG
Basic CG number: 38(excluding standing picture, sexual harassment part erotic CG)
Ed4 types

■ Synopsis
The main character, Charlotte, lived peacefully with her mother, Tsetsi.
One day Tsetsi falls ill with a rare disease.
Thanks to the treatment of"Laura", the sorcery master, the disease has stopped and you can live the life as it has always been、
It turns out that a variety of materials and a large amount of money are needed to cure the disease completely.

Sometimes in the dungeon, in exchange for material information……
Sometimes in exchange for the material itself……
In exchange for money.……
Sometimes I work part-time at a prostitute.……
And sometimes, I don't care about money, I don't care about money, I don't care about money, I don't care about money, I don't care about money, I don't care about money, I don't care about money, I don't care about money.
It is a story of a girl who works hard for her favorite mother in various costumes.

■ Features
Basically, if you proceed through the dungeon, the naughty event will be opened when you clear or on the way.
By the degree of progress and lewd degree of the story, also occur aid events and a little sexual harassment event in the town.
Most of the event CG will be changed into some kind of costume.
If you have a costume that can be purchased at a tool shop, you can find events that will be released.

We also have a number of events for the sub characters Tsetsi and Laura.
This is also going to be open sequentially as you proceed with the scenario.

The game part is orthodox and simple design of HP, MP, TP system.

■ Notes
This game will proceed with the overall light atmosphere in both the story and the erotic scene.
Even if there is a scene such as somewhat reluctantly about erotic scenes, there is no one as bad as the aftertaste、
Please be careful because there is no serious insult element etc.

■ Usability
press and hold shift or enter to speed up combat performance
Skip message with Ctrl key
clear message window with Shift key
Scene recollection room

Image copyright AFP / Getty Images
The main character is a sorcerer Apprentice girl.
The character is gentle and timid at the same time.
Although he has a good ability to use magic, he prefers to study medicine and medicine.

- Tsetsi.
Shal's mother and husband passed away a few years ago, so she is a widow.
A character who can not refuse when asked.
Its plump body and good looks that do not let you feel the age, the target of yearning regardless of age and age from the maternal atmosphere.

- Laura.
He is a master of sorcery and is particularly good at herbalism.
Although there is a lack of deliciousness, basically the type to help secretly with a good personality of care.
There are times when townspeople recruit collaborators in order to recover the magical power contained in the semen of men, but there are many applicants from their bodies.

■ Specifications, etc.
- This game is RPG Maker MV ver.I am using 1.5.1 to create it.
- Data transfer from trial to production is not available.
- Specifications in the trial version may be changed without notice in the product version.
- Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.
- Since there is a possibility to perform updates such as Corrections and additions without notice、
 Please purchase with your DLsite account.


ver1.10アップデート 新規HCG4枚、4シーン追加しました









shift or enter押し続けで戦闘演出高速化機能




・このゲームはRPGツクールMV ver.1.5.1を使用して作成しています。

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