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Updated 2018-03-16
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Language jap

2.17 (2586)


A vampire(?) with amnesia , Celena, is on an adventure to regain her memories.
Lay waste to the imminently approaching waves of human and demon enemies!!

Genre: Tower Defense
Playtime: 30~40 minutes per playthrough
(can be performed faster by skipping event scenes)

[Game Contents]
- 3 stages in total / Each stage has its own defeat scene
* Added EX stages
- The game alternates between an ADV (Adventure)
part where Celena search for her memory and a TD
(Tower Defense) part where she fights off enemy waves.
- Depending on option selections in the ADV part Celena
may just find herself on a one way route to a BAD END...!?
- Celena's pose art / facial expression will reflect her status in the TD part!
- There are some enemies that perform special / sexual harassing attacks!?
- Currently 14 erotic scenes (Ver2.0 (+ 6 scenes) updates!)
- You can view any scene you've witnessed in the reminiscence mode.

- Unlike ordinary Tower Defense games, your need to consume "HP" for production of your units.
- Shortcut Key available (Number keys (not on numeric keypad) correspond to each units)
- The longer a unit survives, the stronger it becomes!
- The types of unit you can choose depends on the branching path you have selected in ADV part.
- Scene Skip mode available

H Situations;
Erotic: gangbang, tentacles, slime, drugged up, some lesbian action, etc
Ryona (brutality): limbnessless, electric torment, skewering, strangling, vore, etc
(Warning: while there are no direct grotesque expressions,
some of the content is pretty hardcore and there ARE depictions of bleeding.)

* Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

CENDRES screenshotCENDRES screenshotCENDRES screenshotCENDRES screenshotCENDRES screenshot

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