BLUE GUARDIAN: Margaret poster
Updated 2018-12-14
Developer FoxEye
Language eng

Language jap
Version 2.5


This is a 2D underwater exploration action game that depicts the adventures of Margaret, a priest called the Guardian.
☆Ver.In 2.5 and later, we have made updates such as illustration viewer difference switching, large improvement of difficulty, operability improvement at the time of wall slashing.
 Capture information and improvement requests, etc. are accepted in the email form, so please use it by all means!

● Swim smoothly in the water, action that was crisp and responsive, speedy gun shooting.As you awaken your abilities, expand your search range, and discover hidden passages and items by shooting, Margaret grows stronger.It adheres to the royal road of the ancient exploration action game and covers a wide range of players with 3 difficulty settings.
Set in the tower of the water god overflowing with water, the figure of a girl who dives underwater without any diving equipment is beautifully, sometimes grotesque, and a little naughty.

- Margaret of the main character, the priest who was ordered to protect the tower of the water god from the gods, noble warrior called Guardian, but carefree she is available only energy, the body is not mastered martial arts if you can not use magic of what has been trained, naturally tower monsters spread spread because mission was also spree every day, water is polluted people This is a big nuisance.The God who saw this was very angry.Apollo, the god who communicates with the priests and the gods, commanded Margaret.”Find out the source of contamination of the water God tower and drive the monsters out of the tower immediately."Margaret's adventure begins…

- This work is a figure where a girl drowns half-naked or naked in the water, and its appearance, struggling figure, torture by water torture, etc. are drawn, so it will be a work with a somewhat soft Ryona element, but it does not include overly grotesque expressions such as violent bleeding expression and tearing of the body, damage, penetrating expression.We would appreciate it if you could buy it after you could understand the taste.

● This work has become a version that works only in the Japanese environment.Please use the English version for overseas environments.We strongly recommend that you purchase it after you register as a member, because support about malfunction etc. will be supported by an update.

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