BlackSmith3 poster
Updated 2021-06-20
Developer XXIV
Rip by mikocon

Language jap chi


You are Blacksmith(Blacksmith)in a small country village.During the day you make serious money by hitting the hammer every day to complete the work, but at night you bring that money out and jump into the city where innocent and cute women are waiting for you.Earn experience points for Blacksmith, improve your skills, and increase the purchase price of your work.

Features of the 3rd edition
☆ Change screen size to 1068x800
☆ Dating scene(meal, travel add)
☆ There are several kinds of Ending(condition confirmation is possible in the title screen)

This product requires a lot of CPU processing for animation processing.Please be sure to purchase on the operation check in the trial version.
In the trial version, the timing of the click of the blacksmith does not match、
If your PC does not meet the specifications, or if the animation behavior is too large.Please check the recommended specifications


You're the blacksmith of a small countryside village.
You work hard during the day, but play hard at night with the cute girls in the village.
Increase your skill and experience, sell items for higher prices, and put that money to use!

[Part 3 features]
- 1068x800 resolution
- Date scenes (dinner, trips)
- Multiple endings (Conditions can be checked from the title screen)

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