BlackSmith2 poster
Updated 2021-05-25
Developer XXIV
Rip by mikocon

Language jap chi


You are a blacksmith in a small rural village. You steadfastly earn your living by hammering out products daily, but at night, you take your earnings and go to town to seek out innocent and cute girls.
Continue improving your experience and skills, so that you can raise the price of your products.

■ Work every day and if you save enough money, you can go and meet your girl
■ BlackSmith lower his hammer , Please click at the exact moment that the hammer lands. The better your timing is, the more experience points you'll get.
■ The higher your experience points, the more expensive you can sell your products to the merchants each week.

★ You can always change the name of the heroine
★ Supports English, Chinese, and Spanish.
★ No extra charge. You can experience every scene in the game with this package.

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