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Updated 2021-06-21
Developer +kaze-t
Rip by mikocon


Battling Princess Luluka

■ Basic contents

All 29 chapters
CG: about 80 sheets (sound, cut included, no difference)
Play time: 10 ~ 20 hours

■ Story

The main character"Ruruka"of a strong character and the servant"Rickuru"are quietly messing up、
It is a story that rushes forward on my way while being involved in adventure and trouble here and there with a unique fellow!

■ Game system

Train all 12 units and fight 1-on-1 with your enemies.
On the battlefield, it instructs you to "move, attack, wait", etc. as your own army.
the enemy forces will take action as well, and they will repeat it alternately、
You can annihilate the enemy, it is a system to win the battle by or destroy the enemy general.

Roughly speaking, it is a system like certain F〇.

- 3 gaps(Depending on the compatibility of the weapon, the battle may be advantageous or disadvantageous)
- Rescue command yes(You can use such as to rescue a fellow, move so as not to receive the attack of the enemy)
- Fixed growth (The status increases when the level goes up.It is not random growth, so there is no need to reset)
- No lost.(You can get bonus points if you clear it in the state of survival)

■ About H event

※ Etch is a simulation RPG that also includes etch elements rather than the main.Please note.
※ It will be a form to see the event at the base.
(You'll see it as the story progresses.It is not necessary to meet the conditions, etc.)
* Even if you miss the event, it will be fully open after clearing.

Basically, the main character is Ruruka × squire recruit.
It is a little bit, but there is also a fellow etch event.

※ There are some humiliating, cruel depictions.


Screen: 800x600
Difficulty: Easy Normal

Easy:SRPG for the first time・for those who are not good at it.enemy adjustment yes.
Normal:Standard difficulty your best there!For those who do not like it!

There is no combat animation.

It is produced in the software:SRPG Studio.

★ It is recommended to operate with the mouse.
(Some keyboard operations are available.))

■Update schedule ■
- Recollection room
- Hard mode


29 chapters
Approx. 80 CG (Including non-H, cuts, no variations)
Playtime: Approx. 10-20 hours

Resolute protagonist Luluka and her follower Rikuru secretly get it on while adventuring with their unique company, getting wrapped up in various problems along the way!

Train 12 units in total, and battle enemies 1 on 1 in this F*-style tactics game.
Give orders to yours troops (move, attack, wait, etc.), while the enemy does the same.
Prove victories by defeating all enemies, defeating the enemy commander, etc.
- Save ally / cover ally command included
- Weapon advantage / disadvantage system included
- No permadeath (However, you receive bonus points for beating missions without losing anyone)

[H Events]
* Keep in mind this is a simulation RPG with H elements, not an H game with RPG elements.
* Events can be viewed at your base, and unlock as you progress through the story (no need to fulfill conditions, etc.)
* All events are unlocked for viewing after completing the game.
Events mainly involve Luluka and her follower Rikuru, but a few involve companions.
* Includes some violation, and other cruel depictions

800x600 resolution
2 difficulty modes: Easy / Normal

No battle animations included

Made in SRPG Studio.
* Mouse control recommended (partial keyboard support included)

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