AZ no Rakuin poster
Updated 2021-10-27
Developer Piyopiyo-Gumi

AZ no Rakuin

Original title: AZの烙印

Kilts' country loses the war, and he is shipped to the winning country as a slave. A brand called 'AZ no Rakuin' is carved to his neck, marking him as a slave and also serving as a first class deadly curse in the case he rebels...
Shortly after, he is bought for 30000 gold, a sum that is never been paid for a slave before, by an elven woman. And taken to a mansion where he is treated like a guest much to his surprise. But he soon learns that this is a house of pleasure that only serves to high class woman...

While he briefly considers death instead of being a prostitute, he also realizes that he'll have a much better life working here than any other slave outside. He accepts his fate and his training begins...

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