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Updated 2021-02-10
Developer ankoku marimokan

Assault on St. Purielle

* Story
Ordinary school girl Riona Tano turned heroine St. Purielle
faces gangsters and do-badders who want to f*ck her at every turn.
The sister of the Church anointed her to protect this city
... besieged by dodgy enemies, what will Purielle's fate be?

* Concept
Become Riona/Purielle and protect the city as best as you can
from sexual harassment enemies -- becoming stronger with each loss
of precious clothes.

* Transformation system
Conversations and actions change with Riona/Purielle's outfits.
Experience different events in transformed clothes or regular clothes!!
Plus, Purielle is treated differently when she's nude...

* Repentance system
Sexual harassment and r*pe make Purielle stronger
thanks to the use of "Muzan-kun", her auto-redemption device!!
Sex is not a crippling punishment, it's the way to proceed!

* Main quest
Meet with shady characters in shady locations from
behind the mountain to the secret underground, to a mysterious yakuza drug silo.
Battle bosses in climactic encounters with fail-r*pe scenes!!

* Subquests
Errands, toilet graffiti, underwater exploration, photoshoots, punishing bullies...
Help the people of the city as Riona/Purielle.
As you might expect, she's bound for trouble even here...

* H contents
25 base CGs, 236 total CGs incl. variations (not incl. pose art)
CG mode is built in / Playtime is 2-3 hours to complete

Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Requires RPG Tkool VX RTP (free):

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