Ass-in-the-Wall Knightess Louize ~Corrupted Cumdump Cavalier~ poster
Updated 2021-01-01
Developer Vitamin CCC


Ass-in-the-Wall Knightess Louize ~Corrupted Cumdump Cavalier~


A molestations simulation game about hardcore violating a large-breasted knightess that's trapped inside a wall.

Includes smooth animations and titillating voiced reactions. Watch those heaving breasts sway~

Auto-mode included if you simply want to watch.
You can also check her status and training count at time of game completion.

The ending changes depending on your training!


Breast-fondling, irrumatio, titjob, spanking, creampie, foreign-object insertion,
massive vibrator, etc.


Louize the royal knightess was a powerful warrior that even the strongest of men couldn't touch.
However, during a battle with an evil magician, just as she defeats him, the mage uses teleportation magic
to jam her into a wall, rendering her immobile.

And now, the men she's turned aside for all these years have appeared to get their rapey revenge...


CV: Pako Shirakawa
A knightess with beautiful blue eyes and a body seemingly sculpted by the gods themselves.
Pure, prideful, and powerful, she's the object of everyone admiration, and lust...

Government Minister
A man that sought to make Louize his own, but was rejected soundly.
After finding her trapped in the wall, he decides to make her his sex slave.

- 32 bit / 64 bit versions included
- 1280x720 resolution
- Mouse-compatible
- Zoom / camera functionality included
- UI hiding functionality included
- Cheat included for all endings and item unlocks
- Cheat included for maxing the sexual development meter

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