Anja and 10 Adversaries poster
Updated 2020-12-01
Developer Z-jirushi


Anja and 10 Adversaries

Novice adventurer Anja was living a boring life working for a guild with no missions
for a newbie like her.
That is, until rumors appear about the resurrection of the strongest monster.
This is her chance to show everyone her real worth as an adventurer!
And so her monster extermination journey begins...

An easy-to-play stage-based RPG where you defeat enemies to progress.
For tough enemies, you'll need to search for helpful items, and find their weaknesses
before challenging them.
Combat has no chance-based elements; everything is up to player decisions.
Of course, the RPG elements have had lots of love poured into them as well.

These enemies have multiple phases, and don't let up even when defeated.
Goblins, ogres, hoodlums...all sorts of monsters of various strengths are waiting to
violate the heroine...

[Trial version]
The game can be played to completion.
However, H scenes from the midpoint have no images in the trial.

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