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Updated 2021-12-19
Developer AQ organization

Anies's Workshop

* Currently Version 1.00


Anies Ravlie is a girl who runs a small pharmacy near a trading city.
After losing both of her parents young, she started living with with grandmother, who was an alchemist,
along with her sister Lufa, who has a strange condition which causes her to sleep for inordinate amounts of time.

One day, Anies reunites with alchemist Bell Falis while collecting materials in the forest.
Bell, who is troubled by a crippling debt, plans to use Anies' naive nature, talent, beauty, and family situation.
If she takes on lewd requests, surely, that loan money would disappear in no time...

And so Anies ends up on an adventure of material collection, with various happenings awaiting here...

Genre: Item creation x adventure RPG
Increase text speed
Clothing damage during battle

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