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Updated 2021-07-06
Developer kunounohosi
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Angel Iris Ayane

Hero Angel Iris Ayane is dispatched to a town overtaken by the evil organization "Dark Villain".
But with everyone lusting after her body...can Ayane really bring peace to the town?

Ayane (protagonist)
A cool-headed heroine of justice.
She's currently going out with a researcher named Masaki, but with all her heroine work, they've not had much time to advance their relationship. When defeated in battle, the bad guys have her way with her, and it also turns out the town mayor also has eyes for her...

Masaki (researcher)
Ayane's boyfriend, who wants to go on a nice date with Ayane after this job is done.

A pervert who wishes to use his wealth and influence to make Ayane his own...

A heroine violation RPG with a relatively low difficulty level.
Explore various locations, beating up bad guys, and finding required items to advance.
Occasionally boss enemies will appear during exploration, and defeat to these enemies will result in defeat H scenes.
See the fortune teller to purchase BADENDs afterward.
Mainly contains rape situations, with some NTR and corruption sprinkled in.

- Scene Gallery
- Can obscure the text window
- Player friendly no GAMEOVER setting

[H Scenes Genres]
Gang-rape, hypnosis, preg-belly, corruption, sexual training, etc.
21 scenes total.

Made in RPG TKool MV.

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