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Updated 2021-06-20
Developer LoserLoseEmpire
Rip by mikocon




◆ Synopsis
 The main character who confessed to"Hachinohe Ayami"(AA Cup)which is a childhood friend was successful.
 The main character is interested in being naughty to age appropriate, and is the owner of sexual desire and energy above average.
 However, Ayami says that"naughty things are a hindrance to school", and even a kiss is entrusted to her until graduation.
 It was a hero who was in agony, but decided to prohibit naughty things thinking of Ayami. 

 One day, the hero witnessed the compensated dating site in the old school building toilet.
 Compensated dating was a classmate of"Senju Lisa"(J cup), compensated dating partner was a male teacher of the school!
 Lisa asks the protagonist for a reward as a hush, but the hero who thinks of her as important bounces off the temptation.
 However, Lisa's temptation and color gimmick gradually become radical......!?

◆ Specifications
- Use more than 1050 CG sheets!
- More than 50 H animations!
- H scene is more than 20!

◆ Situation
 The first half is the main such as temptation and compensated dating, and over the second half will become the main squeeze.
 The main character is completely received.It is also very easy to erect and vulnerable to temptation.
 In the basic situation, the main character never has an advantage over the female opponent.

- The delusion masturbation to be handjob to her to Okazu she H hate it very much.
- Senju Lisa of active J ○ to compensated dating blowjob to the teacher opponent in the men's toilet private room of the old school building.
- J cup tits push temptation hush from Lisa to the hero waiting for her return to the committee.
- Masturbation in her delusion......rather than cheating masturbation to recall the feel of Lisa's J cup tits.
- During school to school, J cup tits push color gimmick from Lisa.
- During lunch with her, she shows off her plump ass and bukkake thighs by Lisa behind her crabs crotch waist Heco dance.
- Pseudo blowjob masturbation instruction tongue show by Lisa to the hero waiting for her of the committee return.
- During a call with her at home, she is sent a naughty selfie photo from Lisa and masturbation.
- I cup tits push temptation from Kurayama Ruka(I cup)while going to school.
- During lunch break, 2 people are tempted to imitate blowjob, the main character to masturbate in the men's toilet without being able to stand.
- While studying in the library from 2 people breast push, ear sigh nipple is Ijiri, ejaculate while looking at her back.
- Masturbation while appreciating the paid delivery of Ruka(fellatio to the waist Heco dance and dildo).
- Without going to school with her, ejaculation in the knee guri while rubbing the big tits of 2 people in the morning classroom.The first compensated dating for the hero.
- While she is not tits pillow, double titty, she comes back and ejaculates titty across the wall.
- After being dimension stop ass Koki in bloomers ass of Ruka, 2 double bloomers ass Koki ear licking handjob.
- While studying in the library with her, it is a limit stop footjob under the desk, footjob continuous ejaculation from the end of stop.
- Continuous ejaculation in the forced blowjob from tits pressing dimension stop handjob, blowjob, cumshot in the mouth from Lisa in the morning classroom.
- Ruka's tits pressed against, ear sigh.Dimension stop.It is masturbation to witness that Lisa is compensated dating sex in the men's toilet of the old school building.
- 2 swimsuit ass job, double foot job, double swimsuit titty, Lisa facesitting, compensated dating squeeze by Ruka swimsuit Titty.
- Masturbation of the hero while watching the compensated dating Gonzo of Lisa and uncle.
- 2 people of tits push double handjob, double kiss handjob, squirting continuous compensated dating squeezed sperm in the serious blowjob of Ruka.
- Tight squeeze by Lisa in the locker of the women's changing room.Handjobs, ear licking, thigh intercrural sex while watching the classmate's raw clothes change.
- Supplement is ingested and Ona forbidden order, Ona forbidden open 100 times after it is stopped, squeezed to the limit.
- The main character who became compensated dating addiction continues to pay the byte fee, and ejaculates wasting semen for 1 month on Lisa's foot.

◆ Notes
- This work is produced in RPG Maker MV.The operating environment is based on the operating environment of RPG Maker MV.
- If you are anxious about the operating environment, please check the operation in the trial version first.
- Since there are cases to perform bug fixes and updates, we recommend user registration at the purchase site.

◆ Contact information
- Ci-en

- Twitter

◆ Bug fix
【Ver 1.02】
- Fixed"A bug where the dialogue could not be read because it protrudes from the window".
- Recollection mode has been renovated.

【Ver 1.01】
- "Scene 9, can not progress dark from the end of the school route ejaculation in the first appearance of Ruka" was corrected.










【Ver 1.02】

【Ver 1.01】

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