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Updated 2020-07-14
Developer Shimobashira Workshop
Version 1.23
Rip by s-hentai

Version 1.23
Language jap

2.4 (11292)


An apprentice priestess, Frode explores an isolated island called Cerbes.
To save her friend who was captured for some reason, she solely struggles
on an unfamiliar island with a certain god's protection.

To fight, work, or prostitute herself... Frode makes her own way.

[Product Info]
Estimated Playtime: About 9 hours
50 base CG
H scenes to be in scene replay mode: 100+
Pose art, cut-ins and many others
Dress-up feature implemented (11 costumes)

- Mostly "with human"
- Sexual harassment, sliding into sex, prostitution etc.
- Sexual violation and discipline upon being defeated
- In-battle erotica
- Lewd propagation at a temple
- Bodypainting & exhibitionism
etc etc.

- Decently free gameplay
The story is largely open-ended; in what order you go to events is up to you
except some in the beginning and ending parts.
Some areas will only appear in relation to her parameters such as "priestess rank".

- Dress-up
Putting a costume on changes her pose art, some H scenes and cut-ins.
Please note that some costumes require her to have enough parameters to wear.

- Characteristics
She may acquire a characteristic by having sexual experiences.
Some characteristics give her bonus/penalty.

- Priestess Rank
She has to increase her "priestess rank" to be stronger (e.g. learn new spells).
This value increases by raising people's faith.

Production: Shimoya / Shimobashira Workshop

Yoshitaka Kurige
Mihiragitei (Uta Asakayu)

And all test players and material providers

- This product is created with RPG TKool MV ver.1.61.
- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

Ambrosia screenshotAmbrosia screenshotAmbrosia screenshotAmbrosia screenshotAmbrosia screenshot

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