Amaginu Kanojo: side B poster
Updated 2021-06-08
Developer hatonosu style factory
Rip by mikocon

Amaginu Kanojo: side B

Amaginu Kanojo -side A-

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It's 2003 and Nostradamus' doomsday
prediction is all but a distant memory.

A girl that can make it rain is an outcast in the village.
She was living a sad and lonely life until you met her.

Time flies when you are having fun.
But one cannot run from their past forever...

The day the sun-showers cease, a wet girl walks on.

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A wet summer love story in the Japanese countryside.

Adventure novel
1 character route
Only main character is full voiced
About 1~2 hours playtime
Animated with Live 2D
1920x1080 window display

Production: hatonosu style factory ( )

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