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Updated 2020-02-21
Developer Circle Exelga
Rip by mikocon

Rip by anime-sharing

Alegria: Tome of Hundred Pleasures

Circle Exelga presents an original ero pixel art x battlefuck RPG!

* Pixel-art Animations
Features character designs from manga artist Shuuya Takatsuki, the three heroine succubi (+ extra) hit you with H attacks!

Includes changing motions and attacks depending on the character's "Heat" statuses.
Both dominant male an dominant female situations are featured.

[Only boss battles required]
Dungeon battles contain succubi events only.

[Bad ends await the defeated]
- When you lose to something other than the heroines, you'll be facing down some hardcore bad ends. (Skip function included)
- A mode is included that allows you to lose without penalty


An amateur magician named Yoshua finds an unusual tome in the magic academy archives.
It turns out to be a trial left by the academy's founder to their descendants to decide it's successor.

3 possible fates await such prospective successors:
1. Make a contract with the succubi sealed in the world of this tome, find the secrets of the Great Mage, and return to the real world.
2. Fail to escape, and meet your end in this closed off world
3. Be defeated by the succubi, and submit your body and soul to them

3 unique and charming succubi awaited Yoshua.
The kind and dedicated Melidina.
The beastly succubi Fiksen.
The tiny but scary Pledia.

Can Yoshua subjugate these three vixens, and, together with his childhood friend, escape this new world?



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