Alea - Akaki Tsuki o Haruka ni Nozomi poster
Updated 2012-09-15
Developer Caligula Soft
Language jap
Language jap

Alea - Akaki Tsuki o Haruka ni Nozomi

Original title: Alea -アレア- 紅き月を遙かに望み

"Alea Girls Boarding High School" has a history of almost one hundred years. But the number of students decreases gradually, and the school is about be closed down. Its creditor bank tells the school to make it coed, and the school voting is held in a couple of weeks. As a test, some male students are transferred to the school, including Kai, who always thinks about H things. The female students are confused to see the male students. He meets various girls there, and acts as he likes, without knowing his deeds decide the future of the school....

Download Alea - Akaki Tsuki o Haruka ni Nozomi from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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