Adventurer Lillith's Iron Fist Bandit-smashing! poster
Updated 2021-06-21
Developer Studio Cute
Rip by mikocon


Adventurer Lillith's Iron Fist Bandit-smashing!

概要 Overview

Explore the inside of the hideout of thieves, it is an RPG that will defeat the enemy in battle fuck.

Inside the hideout, there may be tools that can help you escape or fight strong enemies.
If you lose to the bandits who are wandering, you will be caught again and humiliated.

However, since it is a thief, it may be missed if you pull out one shot with a color gimmick・・・
Explore the hideout and try to escape.

ー Story

lilith, an adventurer who has lived with one of his own fists、
From a village, you receive a request that you want to defeat the bandits that are attacking the vicinity.

it was lilith who went out bravely、
I was surrounded by a number of people, and I was killed, and I was caught in the prison of the hideout.

In this state, it will be sold as a slave after being played badly by hungry men・・・
Lilith clenched her fists to try hard to escape.

ー H scene

The scene to be humiliated by defeat and the scene to serve a man with a color gimmick is the center.

ー Character

- lilith.
Adventurers.The body that I trained as a martial artist is generously skinned, and there is a healthy sex appeal.


Solo adventurer Lillith receives a request to deal with some bandits that are holed up outside a small village.
She does what she can, but ultimately they have strength in numbers. and she is captured.
Now trapped, and set to be sold as a slave, she must devise a way to escape...

A battlefuck RPG about escaping a bandit hideout.
You may find some useful items that will help you against the enemies you'll encounter.
Of course, a little seduction may also cause some bandits to look the other way...

[H Scenes]
H scenes mainly focus on defeat violation scenes

An adventurer and martial artist with a well-built and sexy body.

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