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Updated 2021-11-27
Developer bon-no strategy


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A Virtual Taste of Unfaithfulness ~Young Wife's Indulgent Life~


■ About trial version
- Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version in advance.
- Migration of saved data to the production version will be impossible.
 Please note.
- You can try the prologue part of the game in the trial version.
- Partial map configuration, enemy placement, shop assortment、
 The quest order etc. are different from the production version.
- Recollection mode has been added to the main title in the product version、
 It is possible to recollect the ending.


■ Title
Konno Mahiro learned the taste of infidelity in virtual space!~ Young wife's rotten cheating life ~

■ Genre
Young Wife Cheating RPG

■ Synopsis
While my husband is away on a business trip, seeking new stimulation
The world of virtual reality.
Young wife * Konno Mahiro in the wake of the experience there、
Little by little, I begin to remember the taste of infidelity......

■ Concept
The main character who is a young wife goes through fire play in vrmmo(virtual space)、
It will be a work that will dye itself up to the cheating act in reality.
Erotic acts and abnormal state play with other players in the virtual space、
in the real world
dad life, dating, customs work, etc.
You can enjoy the situation that loosened the idea of chastity.

■ Basic system
- Consume"action points" within the specified number of days
 You can take various actions.
- by increasing intimacy with any sub-character、
 We will proceed to a deep cheating relationship with that character.
- Also, by satisfying certain conditions such as the number of prostitution
 Use of Papa Live Club and dating site、
 Such as work in the married woman soap, various sub-quests will occur.

■ About battle
- The battle has become a simple action form、
 by having the sub-character accompany you as a support role
 You can ask them to help you.
- If defeated, dare to accept the act of humiliation
 It is possible to recover and restart.
- In addition, when you are subjected to an attack or humiliation act
 You may be hit by a state change (big tits/bottemariization/futanariization).

■ About state abnormality
- In case of the above condition abnormality, accordingly
 The event picture at the time of standing picture and erotic act will change.
- Also, in reality, by the progress of the game
 You may become pregnant.

■ Making money
- Items in VRMMO are called"game coins"
 It can only be obtained with virtual currency.
- This game coin is to defeat the enemy in VRMMO
 In addition to slightly available, it is possible to earn even in a specific erotic act.
- Buy items also called"billing cards" by making money in reality、
 You can also convert this to game coins.

■ Situations included
Cheating, see through, support support, Daddy life, prostitute, dating, soap work、
Pregnancy,egg laying, big breasts, belly belly, Futanari, Futanari lesbian, etc.
※ Like drowning in a rotten physical relationship with a man other than her husband、
 It includes many depictions of the untidy lower body.

■ Game Specifications
- Change linked to the event picture of the hero 21 kinds+state abnormality
- 2 kinds of sub-character event picture
- 18 cut-in pictures
- There are some voices (panting at erotic events, damage voices, daily greetings, etc.))
- Multiple endings
- There is a recollection mode

■System Specifications
- This work is made using RPG Maker MV.
- The screen resolution will be 1280x720px.

■ Production
Production: Earthly Desires Strategy
Voice: Sugar Shio
Music / Sound Effects: Devil Soul
(Unordered, title omitted)


[About the Demo]
- Please confirm compatibility via the demo version before purchase.
- Save data cannot be transferred.
- The demo version consists of the game's prologue
- Placement of items, enemies, etc differs in the full version.
- The demo does not include a gallery mode.

With her husband away on a business trip, our heroine turns to the world of VR to seek out new and
exciting stimuli. But her experiences in the virtual world begin to affect who she is in reality...

This is a game about a housewife whose gets in too deep in search of virtual sexual delights,
and ends up crossing the line into real-life perversions.
Cheating, sugar daddies, prostitution... when she's done it in VR, she's less hesitant to do it IRL.

- Spend your days doing different things by using your activity points.
- Get to know a sub character, and you'll be able to cheat with them...
- There are certain quests like brothels and dating sites that you can unlock, too!

- Battles are simple, action-oriented affairs where sub characters act as support.
- You get raped when you lose, so you'll be able to start over.
- Being attacked can sometimes induce status effects!

[Status Effects]
- Events and pose arts change according to active status effects.
- Pregnancy is possible outside the game, too (the in-universe game. Or maybe this game, too!)

[Raising Money]
- Collect game coins in the VRMMO to purchase items.
- You can get coins by defeating enemies or doing special H scenes.
- Buy the in-game IRL charge card to get even more money!

Cheating, sugar daddies, dating sites, soaplands, pregnancy, parasitism,
bulging bellies, gigantified tits, futanari, and more!

[Game Content]
21 main character scenes
2 sub character scenes
18 cut-ins
Partial voices
Multiple endings
Gallery mode

[System Details]
Created using RPG Maker MV.
Resolution: 1280x720

Production: bon-no strategy
Illustration: Noriyaki
CV: SatouShio (SugarSolt)
Music/SFX: MaouDamashii

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