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Updated 2021-10-01
Developer Studio Sirocco

A Nursery Tale Story

*Includes depictions of NTR. Please check the demo version to see if you're okay with it.

This game features a male hero (you can change the name).

He's made it to the Demon Lord's castle and is about to deliver the final blow to the evil ruler, but just before he can strike, he's afflicted with a curse that makes him shrink...

To undo the curse, he'll need the help of his full-figured party members... and if he saves the village, he may even get a reward...

Everything was created to be a very orthodox-style RPG. This time around, however, we've included erotic battle animations, defeat scenes, pregnancy, and birth!

Have fun meeting sexy sub-heroines around cities and towns and taking them somewhere more private...

- 12 erotic battle animations
- 18 H scenes
- 12 defeat scenes
- Erotic parameters
- Increase your popularity to unlock H scenes!
- Convenient respawning even after defeat! (Though some situations result in "Game Over" text)

Recommended for fans of...
- Oneshota
- Tits
- Butts
- Blowjobs (REALLY hard sucking ones)
- Titjobs
- Older women
- NTR (somewhat)

Please be gentle in your evaluations!
Though this is an RPG, it's not particularly difficult, so you should be able to advance steadily.
Even non-fans of RPGs may have fun since defeating enemies isn't required.

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