A Noble High Elf Gives in to Human Pleasures poster
Updated 2021-05-25
Developer NJA! Recycle Shop
Rip by mikocon

A Noble High Elf Gives in to Human Pleasures

In terms of nobility, high elves rank even above the elves.
Despite this, the proud high elves have been defeated by vulgar humans and inscribed with seals on their bodies.
They'll be taught pleasure, made to experience it again and again, violated in all manner of positions,
their long ears transformed into erogenous zones... until finally, they can do nothing but beg for pleasure
on their own. But one elf wants to escape. She's determined not to fall into depravity.
What fate awaits here?

AN ADV game with voices, including narrations!
Witness the anger of a high elf as she's violated, and the sweetness of her moans as she gives in...
When the humans are done with her, even her ears will be too sensitive to bear...

15 H scenes, 17 cut-ins
Total play time: about 3.5 hours

Includes missionary, doggy style, anal, forced blowjobs, threesomes, dicknosis, cowgirl sex, and much more!

There are also variations that depict motion, different changes, and even dirtier deeds!
Watch her expression shift between anger and lust, and listen to her heated sighs....

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