A Nerd Who Has Sex With Girls in "Another World" Has Become a HERO poster
Updated 2021-08-13
Developer Nikuyaki Inn



A Nerd Who Has Sex With Girls in "Another World" Has Become a HERO

【Game content】
Travel in 6 areas of another world, meeting women of various races,
Let's leave offspring with them.

There is no difficult gameplay, it is a very simple game.
You can easily clear this game in a short time,
so it is suitable for those who want to see the illustrations of the characters immediately.

The total number of illustrations in the game is 178,
I think the number of illustrations is not small, so please enjoy it.


This work contains both Japanese and English versions,
so please feel free to purchase it even if you do not understand Japanese.
However, I'm not good at English, so first of all,
please download the trial version and check the translated text.

And if you find any wrong sentences or typographical errors,
please feel free to contact us and I will try to correct them.

Please contact us at the following site


update information

Changed the English version of the plugin name to English.

Changed the English version of the img name to English.

Corrected the English version of the audio name to English.

Fixed error in Therianthropy city.

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