A Day in the Life of Hinano ~Danger Lurks~ poster
Updated 2021-09-06
Developer Tsukudaninosato

A Day in the Life of Hinano ~Danger Lurks~

Explore town with an ordinary girl named Hinano Morisaki!
There are lots of dangerous and suspicious areas around.
Dark alleys...abandoned parks...
Even places you think to be safe can actually be very dangerous too...
If one were to wander around those places...who knows what would happen?
Hopefully nothing bad will happen to Hinano!

[Key Points]
Danger lurks everyone.
There are suspicious people and places that should be avoided.
If not, Hinano would almost certainly end up in a sexual encounter...
Although, if you're into that, there are tons of events around town just waiting for you to unearth...!

Contains 20 scenes total
Previously viewed scenes can be viewed again at any time.
Scenes include a variety of genres and situations.
Enjoy poor Hinano getting violated for your viewing pleasure.

Made in RPG TKool VXAce.

This game requires VXAce RTP to run (free):

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