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Updated 2020-11-30
Developer URURUC



A Certain Shop in the Capital...

Depending on your PC and settings, this game may not run.
Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.
Compatibility is not guaranteed on 32 bit machines.

You've started a new shop in the capital. But the city's enacted some new rules
recently, and now it's up to you to keep your business alive by raising the most money!

[Game Contents]
A simulation game controlled with the mouse.
Sell items and buy new equipment to make your store number one.
Watch the calendar! If you haven't raised more money than the other stores by the deadline, it's Game Over...

[H Scenes]
New targets for H scenes will join as the story progresses.
Raise action points and let the erotic antics begin!
At first they won't be too excited about it, but as their stats grow, so does their lust.
There's one character who doesn't join, but still gets in on the fun!

Trial version includes partial CG set.

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