5 Days of Succubus Edging ~A Pitiful Fate Awaits Losers~ poster
Updated 2021-09-13
Developer BBQ Lover



5 Days of Succubus Edging ~A Pitiful Fate Awaits Losers~

◆ Story
The hero (you) is a hero who made a contract with a devil named Aslan Lia, a cute devil girl.By giving her energy every day, she gained strength.However, no matter how energetic the hero is, the semen that can not withstand such a high-intensity squeeze was gradually thinned...At such a time, a monster of energy, black Hero(Bob)appeared.He also fell in love with the devil's daughter Leah, and was trying to make a contract.So the three made a bet.Give the right to contract with the devil to those who have endured the dimension stop ejaculation management game by the devil director for five days, and let the loser receive cruel punishment.

◆ Game content
This work is a game that fuses ejaculation management and NTR elements,you can enjoy only one element, but please enjoy it together if possible.
The part of NTR is mainly a hidden tentacle that occurs while the hero does not know.If you neglect the heroine, her chastity will be taken away in no time.
If the player works hard, the pure love route will also be...


★ Sexual experience
You can always compare the numbers with the other party.You can also monitor the status of the rear.

★ Diary
The field is littered with missing diaries.If you collect it, follow the steps written in it and practice it.You may also gradually become able to understand and enjoy NTR…

★ Potion system
If you visit Leah at every time of the day, you will receive a potion with her affection.
When you drink, you get a fragment of her memory.
But if something happens between her and Bob, be careful with the ingredients in the potion…

★ Costume
This work is to destroy the Boss monster, you will get a special synthetic material.
Use that material to make a new outfit for the rear!We also have a dedicated H scene of the costume we produced!(3 types other than the default)

◆ASMR ejaculation management voice full version bundled
Even when you can not touch the game, you can enjoy ejaculation management with one earphone!

◆ Specifications
Basic HCG 14 sheets
Audio total time 2h+(Please enjoy with high resolution wav, earphone, etc)
H Scene 27 types
4 types of endings(supported cg)


You're a hero who has made a contract with a cute succubus named Aslanlia,
You give her cum, and she gives you power.
However, even as a "spirited" hero. you seem unable to handle her milking skills.
At the same time, a black hero named Bob also appears, ready to form a contract with your precious Lia.
This awkward triangle can only be solved with a bet!
Whomever can last through 5 days of hardcore edging gets the right to make a contract with the succubus!
The loser...well, a cruel fate awaits them...

14 base CG
WAV format audio (48kHz / 24Bit)
27 H scenes
4 endings (with CG for each)

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