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Updated 2021-10-23
Developer Corrupt
Total size 1gb
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-Be sure to purchase the trial version before you can run it!
- This work is a sequel to "Ship of Slavery" (RJ234689).
-The included zip file is for you to enjoy the images used in the game.
 We will inform you of the password by entering the "Recollection room" that appears on the title screen after clearing.
 (Sold separately "Ship 2 clear open patch" (RJ352018) also, the password is bundled)

★ Genre
Look down type brainwashing action game

Koraputo is a game of Ogawa Koosama's profound and erotic world view again!

In the previous work "Ship of Slavery", the imperial landlady vitonil who conquered the frontier land takamagahara、
I decided to rebel against the empire, with the soldiers who were brainwashed and the soldiers who were brainwashed!
however, the emperor, who was supposed to be in the hospital bed, was resurrected while vitonil was away.……

The last battle of the Witnils is about to begin!

This game is a look-down type action game.
Defeat the lords of 5 provinces in any order to brainwash them and take away their power……
Let's conquer the empire while strengthening the power of the Slavery soldiers!

★ Assumed play time
About 5 hours

★ Standing picture-CG
Ogawa no Kojo
Mr. Takayoshi (Some event CG finishing cooperation)

★ Voice in battle
Vitonil Tama : Autumn Leaves Beauty Rabbit
Kazuha Yuuki Yozakura : Mr. Juri Yamaguchi
Camellia: Mochi-tsuki walnut
Kikyo : Yotsuya Chitose-sama
Miki Honda

Number of stages: 6 provinces are targeted, each with 3 stages
Event CG: Basic 24 sheets

★ System
■Brainwashing and soul eating
When you defeat the lord of each territory, brainwash the lord and take away the power、
You can strengthen the ally character.
When brainwashing, you can enjoy the event with CG.

by consuming dedicated items、
You can enjoy CG events that let you serve brainwashed lords and enhanced fellow characters.

one of the characters who brainwashed me and made me a friend、
You can be a secretary.
when you talk to the brainwashed lords in a state where you have decided on a secretaries' secretaries, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know.、
You can enjoy the conversation with the former lords.
(This time there is no strengthening system of combat surface of all friends)


 (別売の『洗隷の艦2 クリア開放パッチ』(RJ352018)にも、パスワードは同梱されています)


小川 小様の重厚でエロティックな世界観を、コラプトが再びゲーム化!





小川 小様
孝至 様(一部イベントCGの仕上げ協力)

ヴィトニル・タマ     :紅葉美兎様
カズハ・ユウキ・ヨザクラ :山口じゅり様
ツバキ          :餅月くるみ様
キキョウ         :四ッ谷ちとせ様
キュウビ         :本多未季様





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