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Updated 2021-09-21
Developer ZZZ Asamiya
Total size 850mb
Rip by mikocon


Language chi



Tatsuya is a shy otaku.

On the first day he moved into a new school, he met the goddess--Hemp○Athena that he had longed for.

And at that encounter he was involved in a case of retaliation of the evil forces against the psycho warrior.

Justice and evil, which can win?

The story begins here.

List of characters

● Hero: Tatsuya Takumura

Otaku of transfer students.He has a shy personality, but occasionally shows extreme.They are disliked by the people around them.When you get injured, you have the strange ability to absorb mental energy from people around you and give yourself painkillers and some treatment.The main point of view of this work.

● Heroine:Hemp○Athena

He has the titles of a psycho soldier, a KOF fighter, and an idol singer, and is pure and active by nature.With a firm will and a righteous heart, she is the goddess of the main character.Psycho power is easily absorbed by the hero.When sexual desire increases, it releases a large amount of mental energy.When it is absorbed by the hero, the sexual resistance is significantly weakened.

● Phantom:"Electric"

He is the boss of the three Phantom men.He was a minion of the crazy Doctor Dante, but after being defeated by Athena and other psycho soldiers, he became a phantom who manipulated electricity after a physical transformation.There is a letter"electric" on the head, and a strong desire for revenge on Athena.

● Phantom:"Poison"

He was the second player of the three Phantom warriors.He was a member of the crazy Doctor Dante, but after being defeated by Athena's psycho Soldier, he became a phantom who manipulated poison through body modification.On the head there is a letter"poison", familiar with various poisons.

● Phantom: "Power"

He was the third hand of the Phantom Sanninshu.He was a man of the Mad Doctor Dante, but after being defeated by Athena and other psycho soldiers, his body became huge and he became a powerful man.There is the letter "power" on the head.

Background of historical events

tatsuya is an introverted house man.,

Traditionally, the first day of the new school met the goddess in the heart--Ma○Ya Norina.

at the same time, he also wound up in a retaliation case against evil forces against justice superpowers.

who can win justice and evil?

The story unfolds here.

Introduction to visitors

● Male protagonist: Tatsuya Takumura

The death house of the new school, the personality inward bias, do not accept people's love.With the strange ability to absorb mental power, after the injury will absorb the surrounding human mental power to stop pain and slow treatment,the game is mainly developed from the point of view.

● Mistress: Ma○Ya Norina

He has multiple identities such as superpowers warrior,KOF boxer,idol singer,etc., pure and active, he has a righteous heart, is the goddess in the heart of the hero.Her psychic abilities will absorb the main horn of the victim,and when she nourishes her sexual desire,she will actively release a lot of mental abilities,and after she absorbs the main horn of the victim, her ability to resist sexual desire will gradually diminish.

● Phantom: 【Electric】

After the defeat of Dr. Yaden Na and other superpower warriors,into the underground received body transformation,transformed into a phantom with discharge ability, head there is a“electric”word, Yaden Na has a bone revenge.

● Phantom: 【Poison】

The phantom three in the old two, has been crazy but Dr. Ding's men soldiers, Dr. Yaden Na and other super power warriors defeated,into the underground received body transformation,transformed into a phantom with poison ability, head there is a "poison" word, familiar with the use of various drugs.

● Phantom: 【Power】

The old three in the three people of the phantom,had been crazy but Dr. Ding's soldiers,Dr. Yaden Na and other superpowers defeated,into the underground received body transformation,body size,power is endless,overhead there is a“power”word.




































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