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Updated 2020-05-25
Developer トリプルプレイ
Rip by s-hentai


Language jap
Version 1.0


■ Overview
The strongest swordsman of the guild that everyone admits Airi will not be able to shake his sword due to bad luck and scandals.
she lost her sword, she had no choice but to earn a part-time job, which she was not used to because of fines and debt repayments.、
The body and mind are also used by the desire and conspiracy to wriggle in the red light district.

It is an RPG that is deceived by the malice of many people, lost to money, and dyed in shame.
Airi who is self-possessed and arrogant endures shame through numerous H experiences, anger, losing to sexual desire, sadness、
It reopens, grows, and by branching, the spirit is eroded and fallen.

■ Synopsis
In the Edel state, which introduced the"My card system", the state was expelled from the state due to the inadequacy of the law and poor security
The "wanderers" were coming out one after another.
Some wanderers were harming civilians, and a negative spiral was emerging, such as increasing the number of wanderers.
Meanwhile, a swordsman of justice who continues to genocide the evil wanderer suddenly appears in Rusten Street, the nation's largest red light district.

Her name is Airi.
He is a narcissist who likes himself the most in the world, and is more arrogant than anyone else.

However, a certain incident triggered all conspiracies to move, and at the same time as the situation surrounding her changes greatly
It will also change Airi himself greatly.

In order to enjoy H scenes and scenarios, this work is always displayed standing picture、
The production of the novel game flavor that made use of RPG elements has been enhanced, such as changes in rich facial expressions.

 The following are the features of this work.
 There is no combat.
 - Iri will do combat action in the production and event, but there is no battle as a game.
 - Therefore elements such as dungeon capture and level up are eliminated, you can easily see the H scene.
 The main story is to pay fines and debts by earning part-time jobs.
 - In order to pay within the deadline, I will work hard on part-time jobs (most of them are H) in various places.
 - H scene will continue to radicalize more by the number of part-time jobs and nasty degree.
 - If the payment cannot be made within the deadline ...

 A branching story.
 - The ending of the story will change depending on the action of Airi.
 - There are 9 ends, and you can enjoy the world view and character of this work more deeply by looking at each END.
  The length after branching is not very long.

 Overview of H scenes etc.
 - Total H scene:More than 90.Sub-window CG: 9 types.H There standing picture CG: 16 kinds.(Both include sub-characters.))
 - Simple animation to express the movement and climax at the time of insertion.
 - The step-by-step H scene is the main and from shame to humiliation.There are also many mini events such as one-shot.

 - Recollection mode:Yes(True END can be fully released H scene after clearing.)
 - H scene skip function that I saw once(I can play comfortably on aiming for multiple END.)
 - Message window erase function
 - Message skip function
 - Backlog function

 - Assumed play time: About 10 hours ~ 15 hours (when collecting all END & all H scenes on their own)

■ H scene example
The theme of the H scene of this work is disgrace.
There is also such as rape and gangbang firmly.

 - Part-time jobs in embarrassing costumes, sexual harassment and mischief from customers.
 - Be hypnotized and humiliated in the treatment of poor health.
 - It is surrounded by a square where there are many people, and it encounters a group molester.
 - He is caught by the military police and interrogated like H.
 - Embarrassing photos and videos are sold without permission, to be seen with strange eyes from the townspeople.

Chupa sound, Kuju sound is using the material of [Mijinko material] like, [Tiger Lily] like.

■ Notes

 - The saved data in the trial version cannot be taken over to the product version.

 - Because this work is produced in RPG maker MV、
  You will need a certain amount of specs to have you play comfortably.
  If you are uneasy, please check the operation of the trial version before purchasing.

 - In order to respond by re-download at the time of version up and bug fix、
  It is strongly recommended that you register as a member and purchase it.




















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