超速くノ一 クロユリ poster
Updated 2021-03-03
Developer Beel ze bub
Total size 2gb
Rip by s-hentai

超速くノ一 クロユリ

A woman Shinobu who fights, the true identity is a neat and clean big tits senior!?

In the name of justice, I and my sister, Lady go to erotic training!

─ ─ Kozo me and, with a gentle sister, a secret contract.

Take on space creatures, a tense shooting game begins......!

My name is Hachiya Shitaro.
He is a very ordinary student who attends a certain school.

Recently, the pleasure is to worship the milk shake of Yurika Kazetsuki, vice・chair of the student Council.
One day, I encounter a fight between a cosplaying woman and a monster that I chased Yurika's ass.

"I, black lily......flower language, curse and......revenge!」

A super fast battle that takes place in front of your eyes.
In such a situation, the scene where the tentacles of the variant are entangled in the thigh of the whip stimulated my young wildness and prompted blood flow to the cavernous body──

"Did you see it......?」

huh? did i do something?

"Certify you as a resonator」
"You are now super fast Noichi・kuro Lily」
"To dust elien, who is planning to invade the earth.」

The true identity of the cosplay woman was Fujitsuki Yurika, that person.

The enemy body──Erien active at a tremendous speed.

In order to fight them, the Fujigetsu Oshinshu to which she belongs gave birth to"Super Speed Jutsu".
In order to use it, it is necessary to reduce the burden on the body using"resonance technique"in which the operator and the resonator cloud the chakra......

─ ─ What about the resonance technique?

"I want Sho-chan to do something with me and H,...... sh……」


☆"Now you also, from today, Kunoichi」

Full sync with Kunoichi heroine.

Space creatures infested the Earth, and sometimes shoot DQN!!

Play the enemy's attack with a sword and avoid it with a step!!

Reload with a click, release with a drag, deathblow!!

Win realistic, real-time gun shooting and save the world!!

☆ "Let's dye my gentle sister to my color」

To fight, you need power.

Increase the synchro rate with 【Resonance Training】after school!

blowjob? senzuri? six, nine?

Let's try a variety of play with your sister while leading the young sexual desire.

At first it is an older sister who shows a sense of resistance, but while repeating it many times, eventually......?

"What's Next?". Let's expand the scene of your favorite」

insert it! well, what do we do now?

move gently? or is it intense?

you wanna kiss me? pie rub? change of position?

Let's draw a new reaction from your sister in your favorite way of blame!

"What kind of bond do you grow?".」

A contract for justice-will we continue to work together on a practical basis?

Or do you want to foster love-a sweet, flirting relationship?

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

it has a multi-ending system!

The future depends on your choice......

☆ "Transformation heroine, lose Nambo」

If defeated, an unforgiving bad end awaits.

to protect my precious sister, be strong!?

A large amount of erotic voice is recorded!
The multi・stage heroine is in full sync with her lines and background voices!!
Beautiful and massive event still, adult SE is also equipped!!

"You set it up,you shoot.」

Shi タTa×Onekuno one training STG,"Super fast No one black lily" ──Come on.






僕の名前は、鉢屋 症太郎(ハチヤ ショウタロウ)。

最近の楽しみは、もっぱら、生徒会副議長・風月ゆりか(カゼツキ ユリカ)の乳揺れを拝むこと。




あれ? 僕、なんか、やっちゃいました?

















フェラ? センズリ? シックスナイン?



☆「次はナニする? アナタ好みのシーンを展開しよう」

イザ挿入! さて、どうする?

優しく動く? それとも激しく?

キスする? パイ揉み? 体位変更?














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