ロリコン街 売春少女の借金返済記 ~街中の男とエッチしまくる少女たち~ poster
Updated 2016-12-19
Developer スタジオあるまじろ
Language jap
Version ver1.1.1

ロリコン街 売春少女の借金返済記 ~街中の男とエッチしまくる少女たち~

It is an adventure RPG where a girl who has suddenly had a debt runs through the city for repayment.

● Those who are not good at the game are also safe
- Difficulty selection......You can choose to easy crispy ~ challenging enough difficult.
- Rule description...... During the game, explanations will appear in key points.
- Tips............If you click on the standing picture of the heroine, you will get a hint to advance the story.
        Even if you forget to play for a while, you can aim for the ending with this.
- Opening of CG and recollection...... You can fully open CG mode and recollection mode without clearing the game.

● Normal state and nasty state
If you repeat the naughty act, the pleasure gauge will be up, and if you exceed a certain value, you will be in a horny state.
The heroine who is usually resistant to etch shows the reaction that was lustful in the horny state.
During the game, the two states change frequently, so you can enjoy both reactions until the end.

● Erotic battle with sex offenders
It is easy to understand turn-based battle.
When physical strength decreases, clothes are torn, and a man will launch a naughty attack.
If you can not avoid it will be violated during the battle and raise the pleasure gauge.
Use your tools and skills to defeat your enemies.

● Character change
You can operate while switching 3 names including sub-heroine in addition to the main heroine.
The sub-heroine is unique, such as a small devil bitch of the carnivorous system and Tsurupeta girl ignorant to sex.
Please enjoy a unique story that progresses in each perspective.

● Work LV
In this work, it becomes the main thing to earn money by naughty work.
Work LV exists for each job, it will level up by repeatedly etch.
When the level goes up, nasty etch is lifted and the reward is increased.

● Rating icon
The rating for the heroine is indicated by the face icon.
The man is satisfied state to the state that is tired is displayed in 4 stages.
The dialogue in the etch also changes by the reaction of the man.

● Cosplay
You can choose from 10 different costumes.
There is also a standing picture event in the naked exposure.

● Situation
- Panchira and nudity in a naughty photo session
- Being peeked at the bath at home
- Handjob job at a hot Spring inn
- Sleep fucking is invaded in the room in the middle of the night
- Masturbation with toys purchased at the store
- Become an idol fan and obscene Thanksgiving
- Cheating sex of secret to lover
- Other, rape, gangbang etc...etc

● Contents
- More than 40 scenes (There are also many simple pattern dialogue changes)
- Basic CG19 sheets (difference 309 sheets)
- 23 characters with standing pictures(more than double if you include mobs)
- The name of the heroine, ON/OFF of the cross-sectional view, can be changed foreshadowing.

● attention
- Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version before you purchase this work.
- We recommend membership registration because there is a possibility to perform bug fixes and updates.













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