パンドラの森 ~ソウセイの淫魔と堕落の牧場~ poster
Updated 2020-08-10
Developer しがのま
Version 1.21

パンドラの森 ~ソウセイの淫魔と堕落の牧場~

A young hero(man) who received a request to subdue the inma living in the magical forest called "Green Forest".
It is his mission to discover a"human ranch" built in the forest and defeat the Imma who is the ruler.
A number of imma who lurk in the depths of the forest, stand on the hand to go......

☆It is an RPG for M to operate the hero"Gawain"of young beautiful men, and explore the dungeon"Green forest"where androgynous imma who are called"Shuangcheng(sorcery)species"rule.
In the dungeon, a number of imma and squeezed sperm are rampant, and if you lose in battle, you will be violated and the body will be developed.
Succubus, no reversal, Futanari, transvestite, reverse Les○pu, squeezed sperm, sperm(sex)slave, reverse anal, female transformation, female fall――――
It will be the recommended 18 forbidden game for those who are interested in such keywords.

The trial version is also available, and you can explore everything in the first area.
(You can play with a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad)

■- - - - - - - - Original elements of this work--------

In this work, we will advance the battle by making full use of"skills", but by obtaining the in-game currency "magic currency"
In the game gacha called"Hamegacha" is Mawa, you can get such as skill acquisition items.
Magic money can be obtained by defeating the enemy Imma, and prostitution to the Imma opponent in the product version.

【Action of the imma that changes by time zone】
In the forest, the in-game time passes from morning to night every time the hero does something.
The action pattern of events and enemy Imma by the time zone, such as lines at the time of battle will change.

There are various ingredients such as mushrooms and apples growing in the forest, and you can generate items that will help you in your adventure by cooking.
When you can make materials such as body fluids and pieces of Inma, and eat dishes using it......?

This work is an adventure set in a forest, and basically there is no inn like a conventional RPG.
In order to have a rest, you need to eat or find a safe place in the forest and rest there, but when you take a rest in a dangerous place, you are discovered by an imma and attacked and raped or taken away.

[Special acts】
In addition to the skills in battle, you can perform various special actions such as"look at the state","At the mercy","surrender", "expectation for pleasure".
In "Look at the situation" you can receive an enemy attack without acting as it is 1 turn、
In"Mercy" for a while, it continues to be deceived by enemy Imma、
"Surrender" becomes an immediate loss and it is possible to see the H scene after defeat、
You can choose various H attacks by enemy Imma in"expectation to pleasure" and receive it.

[Degree of development】
The main character has a degree of development, such as penis, nipple, anal.
At first it is all undeveloped innocent body, but if you continue to be violated or blamed by the Imma, the degree of development will rise, and the weakness ability of the part will be granted.
if the level of development goes up to a serious state、
the penis is easy to heat up, and it becomes a penis.、
The nipples become bloated like a woman, and they become very sensitive.、
Anal is to a lascivious female hole that drips dirty juice……

As you progress through the game, you may get various transvestite costumes along the way.
The hero will change the standing picture by wearing a transvestite costume, and the maximum HP will rise or the costume's own additional effect will be activated、
I can protect the part where the conversation with the Imma has been changed or developed.
In rare cases, you may be put on a transvestite costume with a demerit effect.

[Virgin, ass hole virgin】
The story begins from the pure state of virgin, ass hole virgin, kiss inexperienced protagonist.
If you are attacked by an imma in the middle of the adventure and you are deprived of a virgin, a virgin, and a first kiss, the name of the person you robbed will be engraved as an ability for a lifetime.

■- - - - - - - - System--------

To make your play more comfortable、
- Full HP recovery automatically when the battle is over(There is no need to use recovery items after the battle)
- You can skip H scenes after the 2nd time
- Open shortcuts in cleared areas
- Press and hold Ctrl key to skip messages
- Speed up the battle by pressing the Shift key during battle
- You can erase the window by pressing the right click while the message is displayed.
- Easy keyboard shortcuts for each command
It provides various functions such as:

■- - - - - Recollection Room--------

You can open the recollection room as a bonus when you defeated the Boss Imma.
It is also possible to experience the H scene by changing the development degree of the body to a favorite value or rematch with the already encountered in the recollection room.
You can also fully release the recollection.

■ - - - - - - - - - commentary play, play video delivery possible--------

In this work, there is a"healthy mode" in the game function, and you can hide the naked body of the main character by turning on the healthy mode
H You can cut the scene and play(characters will flow as it is).
If the sound mode is turned ON, we will allow the posting and distribution of live video, play video, RTA video, etc.
(※Video posting and distribution in the state with sound mode turned OFF is not allowed)
(※When posting and distributing, please follow the policy of each video site, on your own responsibility)

■- - - - - - - - Other--------

This work is produced in RPG Maker MV(Ver1.6.2).
If there is a discovery, such as impressions and bugs / defects、
We would appreciate it if you could report it to Twitter or the official blog.

To check the operation, we recommend playing the trial version.
(The operating environment conforms to the product specification of RPG Maker MV)
You cannot transfer saved data from the trial version to the product version.

※ It will be the third installment of the Shuangcheng dungeon series, but it is a specification that does not matter even if you start from now work without direct connection with the previous work

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