パンドラの森 ~ソウセイの淫魔と堕落の牧場~ poster
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Updated 2020-08-10
Developer しがのま
Total size 516mb
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パンドラの森 ~ソウセイの淫魔と堕落の牧場~

A young hero(man) who receives a request to subdue an Imma living in a forest of demons called "green forest".
His mission is to discover a"human ranch"built in the forest and defeat the Imma, the ruler.
Many Imma who lurk in the depths of the forest, stand in the way to go....

☆It is an RPG for M to explore the dungeon"green forest"androgynous Imma called"Sousei(Sousei)species"to operate the hero"Gawain"of the young beautiful boy.
In the dungeon, a number of Imma and squeezed creatures are rampant,and if you lose in battle, you will be violated and the body will be developed.
Succubus, no reversal, futanari, transvestite, reverse Le○P, squeezing, sei(sex)slave, reverse Anal, Female transformation, female fall――――
It will be a recommended 18 forbidden game for those who are interested in such keywords.

A trial version is also available, allowing you to explore everything in the first area.
(You can play with keyboard, mouse, or gamepad)

■- - - - - - - - Original elements of this work--------

Image copyright AFP / Getty Images】
In this work, we will proceed with the battle by making full use of"skill", but by obtaining the in-game currency "magic currency"
By Mawa the in-Game gacha called"hamegacha", you can get such items for skill acquisition.
Magic money can be obtained by defeating the enemy Imma, or prostitution to the Imma opponent in the product version.

As you progress through the game, you may get a variety of transvestite costumes along the way.
The main character changes the standing picture by wearing a transvestite costume, and the maximum HP rises and the costume's own additional effect is activated、
You can protect the part where conversation with Imma has been changed or developed.
In rare cases, you may be dressed in a crossdresser costume with a demerit effect.

[Virgin * ass hole Virgin】
The story begins from the pure state of virgin, ass hole Virgin, kiss inexperienced hero.
If you are attacked by Imma in the middle of the adventure and you are deprived of virginity and virginity, first kiss, the name of the partner that you took will be engraved for life as an ability.

■ - - - - - - - - System--------

To make the play comfortable、
- HP is automatically restored when the battle is over (there is no need to use the recovery item after the battle)
- Can skip H scene after 2nd time
- Opening shortcuts in cleared areas
- Skip message by holding down Ctrl key
- Speed up battle by pressing Shift key during battle
- You can erase the window by pressing the right click while displaying the message.
- Keyboard shortcuts to easily perform each command
You can also use this feature to set up your own server.

■- - - - - - - Recollection room--------

You can open the recollection room as a bonus when you defeated the boss Imma.
You can rematch with the Imma that you have already encountered in the recollection room, it is also possible to change the degree of development of the body to a favorite value and experience the H scene.
You can also fully release the recollection.

■- - - - - - - - Live play, play video delivery possible--------

In this work there is a"sound mode" in the game function, and hide the naked body of the hero by turning on the sound mode
You can cut the H scene and play (characters will flow as they are).
If the sound mode is turned on, we will allow the posting and distribution of live video, play video, RTA video, etc.
(*Video posting and distribution in the state of Sound mode turned off is not allowed)
(*When posting and distributing, please follow the policies of each video site on your own responsibility)

■ - - - - - - - - Other--------

This work is produced by RPG Maker MV (Ver1. 6. 2).
If there is a discovery such as impressions and bugs and defects、
We hope you can report it to Twitter or the official blog.

To check the operation, we recommend playing the trial version.
(The operating environment conforms to the product specifications of RPG Maker MV)
You cannot transfer save data from the trial version to the full version.

※ It will be the third work of the Dungeon series of suisei, but there is no direct connection with the previous work and it is a specification that does not matter even if you start from now work

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