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Updated 2020-06-07
Developer 夏中症
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2.37 (3408)


◆ ◆ Synopsis◆◆
Because of Kappa's fiasco work, the reason and common sense of Yuuka crystallized and scattered here and there!Satoto who can see the crystal of the must which can not be seen with the naked eye is there by chance, she is pressed to collect pieces!The pieces collected will be easily broken if you lightly beat, reason and common sense of Yuuka is lost, the guard is more and more loose...!!Her plump body is coveted as much as you like, with a village person who does not know that it is so....!

◆◆Recommended for such a person◆◆
・I like big tits,big ass,big Areola!
- If you fall, the Bote belly end is good after all!
- Big tits rub and suck and Nambo!
- I want a big ass!I want to grab it!
- I want naughty development unfolded in a place where the main character(player)is not involved!

◆◆About erotic events◆◆
Basically, you will be flagged by destroying a piece.So if you defeat the stage boss and get a piece
Select it from the list of important things in the menu and destroy it.Erotic events a little in the dungeon, secluded
Most of them are located in the center of the city.Based on that, I opened the recollection room while finding a hint(only the product version)
Please try it.

◆◆About the game ◆ ◆
This game is not a type of event occurs sequentially along the story, but a dungeon
If you get a piece and go to capture, break it and stand the flag, explore the event that the flag stood by yourself as appropriate
It is a game of the type to (place 9 split sides in and around the village).So every time you get a piece, you destroy it.
It is also good to explore the event, it is also good to see at a stretch to destroy at a stretch after collecting all the pieces, it is a feeling that.

※ There is no erotic event with the Hero(player).
※This game has been produced in RPG Maker MV.
 Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.

to the nearby pond by diagonally moving after the scene
 Fixed a bug that could not be retracted when trying to play the game.
- Fixed a bug that the flag of the key theft event does not stand when you see the rest area event of the inn more than 2 times in the wearing State.
- Fixed a bug that caused the opening and closing of the door to conflict with the attic mouse(door erase)
- Fixed a bug that was not added to the possession column even if you purchased special milk in the underground Tavern
- Fixed a bug that the beast who appears in the quest"stolen jewels"won't disappear even after completing the quest, and can be defeated.
- Fixed a bug where the entrance of the secret beach could not pass through.
- Fixed a bug where the entrance to the attic of a private house on the right of the living quarters would pass through.
- Fixed a bug that some CG is not displayed in the recollection"dressing room suddenly copulation"and its original event.
- Recollection fixed a bug that would have been skipped to the original living quarters private house after playing(1)of"massage".
- Added standing painting viewing mode(README for details)
◆ver1. 07 (2020/06 / 19 update)
- Fixed a bug that moved to the beach from the back Management door in reminiscence"wall ass sex", it becomes impossible to progress.
- Recollection from the release of the"prisoner of youth penis"check-in on Saturday night, living quarters in Yuuka
 Fixed a bug that caused an event that would not occur when going to a tent.







◆ver1.00 発売

幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot幽香-散らばった大妖怪の欠片- screenshot

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